Whether you have an impacted or infected wisdom tooth, getting the right treatment at the right time is vital to ensuring you maintain your oral health and wellness. With the team at McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, MO, our professionals can provide you with solutions for your smile, including emergency wisdom teeth removal.

What are the wisdom teeth?

First, patients must understand wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt through the gumline. In many instances, there is not enough room in the mouth for them to come through, and they often become impacted, or stuck, underneath the gums. They can push into the adjacent teeth and cause pain. In other situations, they may come through the gumline, but because of how far back in the mouth they remain, it can be difficult for patients to effectively keep them clean with brushing and flossing. This can cause an infected wisdom tooth that also needs to be treated or removed.

What can I expect from wisdom teeth removal?

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth removed, but, a dentist may be proactive about having them extracted before they become a problem in many situations. Extraction can be done in one of two ways: simple or surgical. A simple extraction is done by releasing the tooth from the bone using instruments readily available to the dentist. In contrast, surgical extraction requires cutting into the gums to access a tooth underneath the gumline. A surgical extraction is more invasive, though necessary in certain situations. Wisdom tooth removal is always done with proper sedation and anesthetic to ensure patient comfort from start to finish. When the procedure is completed, patients will leave the dental office with post-operative care instructions to follow closely to make sure the area heals properly.

Do I need wisdom tooth removal?

If you are in need of emergency wisdom tooth removal due to an impacted or infected wisdom tooth, call McDaniel Family Dental today to request a same-day appointment when possible. Call (816) 227-6588 to find out if you are a candidate for wisdom tooth removal with our team, located at 2150 NW S Outer Road in Blue Springs, MO.