Gentle treatment plus sedation equals anxiety-free dentistry in Blue Springs, MO

We believe that no one should have to fear seeing a dentist. Unfortunately, dental anxiety is a very common problem, which is why we work to take the stress out of dental care. One part of that is using the gentlest possible techniques to provide painless dentistry. However, we understand that a comfortable experience is not always enough to quell anxiety. That is why we also offer oral sedation, which can take the stress out of dentistry with just one pill.

What is oral sedation?

This a prescription medication that induces a state of deep relaxation. You remain conscious and responsive, so you are in full control at all times, though some people have little or memory of the appointment once it is over. However, it can remove feelings of anxiety and fear, and make a lengthy appointment feel like it passed quickly. It relaxes your mind and body, making the entire experience more comfortable physically and mentally.

The benefits of oral sedation at McDaniel Family Dental

Your safety and comfort are top priorities. We select the best type and dosage of sedative based on your needs, preferences, and medical history. The benefits include:

  • Safety – Oral sedation is considered safe for most healthy adults. The entire McDaniel Family Dental team is trained by an ACLS certified facility. We use only medications that are widely prescribed and have a pristine record of safety.
  • Reduce dental chair fatigue – Sedation can be a great choice for people with extensive dental needs who want to combine multiple procedures into one appointment. It is also helpful for those with muscle or joint problems who find the dental chair uncomfortable.
  • Improved oral health – Anxiety is one of the most common reasons why people postpone or avoid dental treatment. Since oral health problems are progressive, waiting only makes them worse. With sedation, even high-anxiety patients can enjoy great oral health.
  • Yes, you can relax – Fear is not the only cause of dental anxiety. You may have claustrophobia, causing an uneasy feeling when someone is “in your face.” Or you may suffer from a strong gag reflex, which makes dental treatment especially challenging. Perhaps you are restless or have ADHD, making it hard to sit still. Sedation can help with these and similar concerns.

Are you ready to enjoy a truly relaxing dental experience?

Smile care is nothing to fear. Just call McDaniel Family Dental at (816) 227-6588 and schedule an appointment to discover how comfortable dentistry can be.