Blue Springs, MO dentist offers dental sealants

At McDaniel Family Dental, our providers understand the importance of maintaining a healthy smile for life. In many instances, it is critical that patients be proactive about protecting their smile from gum disease and tooth decay. Drs. Niki McDaniel and Dr. Rebecca Spencer believe in offering solutions for patients to help, including the placement of dental sealants. Blue Springs, MO area patients can ask about dental sealants at their next dental visit.

What is a dental sealant?

A dental sealant is a protective cover that is placed over the teeth to protect them from decay for extended periods of time. It is also a desired sealant for sensitive teeth. Many patients associate dental sealants for kids. Children may have sealants placed during routine visits to help in protecting the teeth from tooth decay in the event of poor oral health habits. Children are known for not brushing as thorough as older patients, making it easier for decay to develop. With dental sealants, the teeth have an extra layer of protection to prevent decay from becoming a serious problem in patients of all ages—not just children!

How does a dental sealant work?

Dental sealants are a clear or tooth-colored layer of resin that is applied directly onto the natural tooth enamel as a protective coating for teeth. The resin functions as a barrier that seals the tooth and protects it from food debris and bacteria that contribute to an increased risk for tooth decay. The sealant can get into the grooves and pits of the molars to smooth them and make them easier to clean. With dental sealants, patients will find that their smile is healthier and can be maintained with routine oral hygiene habits including:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Routine dental evaluations

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Dental sealants are just one of many services offered by Dr. Niki McDaniel and Dr. Rebecca Spencer. If you reside in the community and want to speak to our team about your options for protecting your smile, call the office at (816) 227-6588. Our facility is conveniently located at 2150 NS South Outer Road and accepts new and established patients and families in the area.