Dr. Niki McDaniel and Dr. Rebecca Spencer have worked routinely in the past with patients who are in need of toothache relief. If you have realized “my teeth hurt,” it is definitely a good idea to see a dentist to get a proper diagnosis of your condition and find relief with treatment. The team at McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, MO is here to help!

Why do my teeth hurt?

Pain and discomfort in the smile can be a sign of various different conditions that might be impacting one’s smile. Patients must be seen by a dental professional as soon as possible when these problems arise. Many conditions that are caught in the earlier stages can be treated effectively and allow patients to maintain their natural teeth. However, if left untreated, problems can worsen and patients may need to have dental extractions or emergency root canals performed.

Teeth may hurt for a variety of reasons. They include:

  • Large/deep cavity
  • Infection inside of the tooth
  • Abscess
  • Periodontal disease
  • Impacted wisdom tooth

What can I expect during dental extractions?

At McDaniel Family Dental, we provide Blue Springs, MO area patients with tooth removal when needed. Tooth removal may include either simple extraction or surgical extraction. A simple extraction is performed when the tooth is above the gumline and accessible to the dentist. Surgical extraction is performed when the teeth are underneath the gumline, such as impacted wisdom teeth. This is a more invasive procedure but may be done in certain situations.

Do you need toothache relief?

If you are located in the Blue Springs, MO area and are suffering from a severe toothache, it may be time to book an appointment with the staff at McDaniel Family Dental to discuss your options. Whether you need decayed teeth removal or emergency procedures such as a root canal, our dentists can help. Call (816) 227-6588 to request a consultation and initial evaluation with our team and learn about your treatment options. Our practice is located at 2150 NW S Outer Road and accepts new and established patients and families seeking emergency dental services and same-day appointments.