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Feb 23

When patients visit McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, Missouri, to inquire about the possibility of a dental implant for tooth replacement, one question asked is, “how old do you have to be to receive a dental implant?” Drs. Niki McDaniel and Rebecca Spencer are happy to discuss this and other questions with you. Natural-looking […]

Sep 05

If you have a family, there’s no better way to meet their dental care needs than through family dentistry. Family dentists work with children, teens, and adults to help preserve and protect their oral health. Working with a family dentist can make it easier for children to become acquainted with dental care at a young […]

May 03

Periodontal disease can be devastating to your oral health. In its advanced stage, periodontal disease can destroy the bone structure around your teeth, causing them to loosen and eventually fall out. If the bacteria spread to your bloodstream, it can cause damage to your heart, liver, and kidneys. Through routine dental care, you reduce your […]

Mar 22

At McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, Missouri, we offer a full spectrum of quality dental services, including cosmetic, restorative, and general. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and our practice is fully equipped to handle the diverse needs of our patients, from the youngest child to the oldest senior! Each member of our […]

Mar 22

Dental anxiety is a typical problem, and it should not be embarrassing. Our team at McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, Missouri, enjoys assisting patients in overcoming their fears so that they can get the beautiful smiles they desire – and deserve. Our team will always spend time explaining the treatment and techniques to be […]

Mar 22

Porcelain veneers are a type of dental restoration used to improve the appearance and function of teeth with minimal alteration compared to crowns. They can be used cosmetically for slight tooth alignment or orthodontic reasons, but their primary purpose is aesthetic enhancement. At McDaniel Family Dental, Drs. Niki McDaniel and Rebecca Spencercan use veneers to […]

Mar 15

At McDaniel Family Dental, we provide TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain treatment for patients suffering from TMJ/TMD. Many patients turn to us to learn more about bite appliances when choosing a solution. A bite appliance is a customized mouthguard, sometimes referred to as an occlusal splint worn to reduce problems associated with this condition. The team […]

Mar 15

Are you looking for a professional teeth whitening service that can help you achieve the bright smile you’ve always wanted? Look no further! Our team at McDaniel Family Dental in Blue Springs, Missouri, offers customized trays with the Opalescence Whitening option and Sheer White! Strips. Both services are effective ways to brighten your smile and […]

Feb 14

Missing a tooth can be a major issue, both functionally and aesthetically. If you are dealing with the loss of a single tooth, dental implants may be the best solution for you. At McDaniel Family Dental, Drs. Niki McDaniel and Rebecca Spencer are committed to providing patients with solutions to meet their oral health needs, […]

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Dr. Niki McDaniel

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Dr. Rebecca Spencer

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Dr. Hiep Huynh

The skilled team at McDaniel Family Dental comprising of Dr. Niki McDaniel, Dr. Rebecca Spencer, and Dr. Hiep Huynh have specialized in various areas in dentistry. Following the Blue Springs tradition of dental comfort and care, they are dedicated to providing patients in Blue Springs MO, and nearby communities with a comprehensive range of quality dental care to help patients enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles amidst their busy lifestyles. They are members of the American Dental Association, Missouri Dental Association, Greater Kansas City Dental Society, Academy of General Dentistry, and the University Study Club.